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Hi Dave, Fred and I remain so grateful for having you and your wonderful daughter partnering with Jay and Erica on their wedding day. They loved working with you, and feel that you captured their bliss. For someone in Jay's field, who is photographed virtually all the time, he felt you both have enormous talent to capture the true essence of your subjects; he, and all the rest of us, deeply respect and admire your artistry. Absolutely everyone was completely blown away by the incredible guest book you created for them.Warmest regards, Mrs. Ball

Jenna and Garett's album is amazingly beautiful. Now I know why she was crying when she was describing it to me over the phone. You captured the entire day so beautify on each and every page. I am actually at a loss for words describing the album so all I can say is that its gorgeous and beautiful and very classy. Thanks again! You are the Best! K.K

Good Morning Amy: I was able to leave work early yesterday afternoon to get to the Post Office and there waiting for me was the most beautiful album I have ever seen, as well as Jenna's album, of course. OH MY GOSH Amy, it is way beyond my expectations. The pictures, the presentation, the entire format and album are stunning. Steve and I are thrilled beyond words. We thought that hiring a wedding photographer was going to be a difficult task. That was until we met your Dad. He was the first photographer that we met with and there wasn't another photographer who came close to his charm, his wit or his talent. And obviously, he has you and your sisters who are equally talented in your own right to photograph and create masterpieces such as the ones Jenna & Garett and Steve & I are the proud recipients and owners of. A simple Thank You seems quite inadequate, however please know that we are all grateful to Hansen Photography for the quality and care that you have given us throughout this entire process. Best Regards,Kris

Dear David, We want to let you know who wonderful you are! We love- absolutely love all of our photos. We also want to thank you for all of your hard work and patience and expertise! You are truly the best photographer in the world and are thrilled that you could be a huge contributor to the success of our "perfect day". You were able to capture all of nature's beauty in our photos and showed such wonderful expressions. The memories that we can now relive and look at over and over again crystallize the whole day. We appreciate how you us feel at ease especially since I hate to get my picture taken and my husband is such a blinker. Your warmth and calm personality was perfect for us. (the control freak bride) that I felt comfortable all day long and Jeff was perfectly content all day long. We appreciate how long you worked on our wedding day (especially) but also all of the days in between and the days to come. You and your work is so impressive!Thanks so much! Sincerely, Kelly and Jeff

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